Mobile Responsive Sites and Why you need them

Mobile Responsive Sites and Why you need them

Not having a Mobile Responsive site could sink your business rankings and sales.

By Bradly Spicer

Imagine you’re a small business owner in Kent, you’ve been seeing all your competitors making money online but your site built in 2001 simply isn’t getting traffic or making sales. Why?

In 2015, Google made a massive change to their search engine algorithm, mobile responsive sites are needed to rank for your key term but what exactly does this mean?

If you’re a book business in Canterbury and you want to advertise to students, you’ll need to rank for “Books near me“, “Book Store Canterbury“, “Buy Books near me” and other varying phrases people use. Without a mobile responsive site, you won’t rank as high as your competitors which results in less sales.

What exactly is a responsive website?

Responsive websites allow you to avoid having two separate websites, one for mobile (For example,When you have a responsive site, it’ll change size based on your device screen size. See an example below:

So, what exactly is the criteria for a responsive site? This changes from developer to developer and there is no real standardisation. However, this is the criteria we use:

  • No Horizontal Scrolling
  • Scalable Text which requires no zooming
  • Correct spacing to avoid overlapping
  • Menu is corrected on smaller screens (Hamburger Menu)
  • Follow basic UI and UX standards
  • Not require a subdomain for your mobile site

Did you know that around 50-60% of searches online are done on mobile? This means any traffic coming from Google at a first point of contact will be from a user viewing with 1 thumb to control your site.

Is my site responsive?

This is definitely one for your current developer, if anything, they should have made your site responsive around 2-3 years ago at minimum. However, Google does offer a tool for testing mobile responsiveness.

Google Responsive Test

Still unsure on if your site is fully responsive AND accessible to your audience / customers? Drop an email or open a live-chat and we’ll give you a breakdown on your site, areas to improve and what can be done easily.

Did you know a large majority of sites in Kent & Thanet are using old software which makes them prone to malware. Not only this, but the old code standards make them non-responsive and poorly ranking in Google, Bing and other Search Engines.

We provide only Mobile-responsive sites using the latest standards and frameworks. Curious about our process?

Can you make my website responsive?

If your site is currently built not being responsive, it may take some extra work to modify your site to become responsive, however, it really is on a case-by-case basis.

We’ve had some projects where we have updated and modernised their business frontpage and it resulted in a lot of changes, such as replacing low quality images (Responsive images should be scaleable).

Definitely check out our work and see what we’ve done for other companies.

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