How to avoid cowboy developers ​

How to avoid cowboy developers

The web design industry is filled to the brim with bad eggs. Unfortunately, despite our amazing community, Kent & Thanet is subject to this as well.

Even if you don’t pick us to help you with your business, we want to provide you with some of the best tips to find a perfect developer who can help you meet all your needs.

Are there any bad developers you know of?

I’m not going to name drop here, but this does bring me to my main point. You need to find a developer who had sites which meet the current standards. No one wants to look at a blocky website which looks like it was designed in the early 2000’s.

The way your website is presented matters. Do you use a CTA? Are you marketing to the right audience? If your developer also sets up local SEO have they targetted the correct keywords?

Bad Web Designer signs:

  • Uses a bog standard template across their portfolio
  • Pays for a premium theme for a CMS
  • They charge an extremely low price
  • They don’t provide phone support
  • They’re not invested in your business
  • In your first meeting they don’t discuss a scope of work
  • They don’t take marketing into consideration.

Create a website where your lemonade makes money

How many web designers do you know that walk you through the design phase and make your website look unique?

Your businesses main opportunity should be to create leads and upsell where possible, this is mostly done via the use of CTAs and Lead Generation; capture your audience before they leave.

Did you notice on our website we have a CTA in the header?

Check out this CTA on another site:

What is a CTA?

But they offer a flat fee

Whilst a flat fee may be enticing, they are still a business and updates/changes can cost additional fees. Take into consideration how much you’re spending on maintenance and question what exactly is being done?

Are you getting PDF reports? Are you seeing an actual improvement on Google/Bing? Are you just paying for an online advert or are you paying to generate more leads?

Your website is only worth as much as you want to put in, your unique selling point should not be the same as every other business in your niche. If you’re getting a website which matches every other design in their portfolio are you really standing out?

We Want To Help YOU!

It’s easy to pick a web designer who makes okay, reasonable and cookie cutter sites. But how many of them ask you about your business? Take an interest in what you do?

Tell your friends about this post, spot a ‘Dodgy Dev’ and save yourself and your business tons of money and stress.

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