Covid-19 impacting your business

Is Covid-19 impacting your business?

Businesses all over Kent & Thanet are being hit hard by Coronavirus, so what can you do to keep your business going?

By Bradly Spicer

Covid-19 has hit a LOT of businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t operate outside of the norm. With all businesses being hit by this pandemic, everyone is scraping to make business changes. Staff are working from home, Facebook pages are selling products to their local areas and believe it or not, Amazon is actually doing amazing during this pandemic.

The days of the internet and online shopping being ‘just a fad’ have come a long way over the years, but February’s Retail Sales report (released Monday) highlighted another of many major milestones that the growth of online shopping has reached over the years – Paul Hickey, co-founder or Bespoke Investment Group

What does this mean if you’re a business in Kent / Thanet struggling with Covid-19? Well, for starters, I’m offering free single page websites to anyone who gets in contact via email or live chat.

Alternatively if you’re worried about your business going under or can’t afford hosting with a current vendor, I’m offering a free backup storage solution for one snapshot of your site.

Supporting Local Businesses in Kent & Thanet

Looking for a mock up? Business Site design? Just want to chat about a potential new site? If you’re a business in Kent or Thanet, Large or Small, we’re happy for a chat.

Whilst we do offer Web Design, Mobile Site Design, App development, SEO etc, we do also love to support people who have been put in a bad spot. Keep the details of who you’re working with to yourself and simply ask for some advice, we’ve got your back.

If you’re in Kent, Thanet, Canterbury or surrounding areas, please do get in touch with any questions

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