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5 Reasons your web designer isn’t treating you right

In todays day and age, you may want to resist finding a local web developer. Whether it’s your friends son or the go to company in the area and that’s perfectly fine.

We provide unique monthly SEO reports ​

In February I got an email from a customer who sent me over some of the prior SEO reports they used to get sent and I was appaled. The emails were short, lacked detail or explanation. Here’s how I fixed it…

How to avoid cowboy developers ​

The web design industry is filled to the brim with bad eggs. Unfortunately, despite our amazing community, Kent & Thanet is subject to this as well.

We provide FREE websites to Charities

I’ve spoken to lots of charities who don’t have dedicated website management or teams who are fully aware of what they’re doing. This results in using a platform like WordPress and pushing it to its limits with plugins.

How many plugins should I use in WordPress?

How many plugins should I use in WordPress? The Do’s and Dont’s of running a small business site By Bradly Spicer Over the course of 2019, I worked on a few business sites built by agencies in Kent which simply purchased a premium theme from ThemeForest, threw on around 20 plugins and called it a