5 Reasons your web designer isn’t treating you right

5 Reasons your web designer isn’t treating you right

Is your business attracting the correct audience?

In todays day and age, you may want to resist finding a local web developer. Whether it’s your friends son or the go to company in the area and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s important to find a company who will treat your business like their own and help you expand your business. The reality is that your website is important, whether you realise or not, it is the front page of your business.

Did you know that 81% of people find information about your business online? There are approximately 1.5 million people in Kent, this means 1,270,890 people will potentially Google your business before even considering you a candidate.

Plenty of businesses in Kent & Thanet have a website which isn’t mobile responsive OR capturing their audiences information to further upsell. If your website isn’t capturing emails to send newsletters out to regularly, you are part of this statistic and your web designer should be advising you on how to resolve this.

How do I tell my web designer I want better?

This can be a daunting factor, on one hand, you don’t want to sound like someone who has simply Googled something and suddenly want it, but on the other hand, you want your business to move forward.

Take a step back and decide whether or not they really are invested in your business, did they research your niche? did they ask you about your business?

If the answer is no, chances are it’s time to look for a new developer, this doesn’t mean paying an arm or a leg, for example, we maintain older sites at a cheaper fee if they’re pre-built and will provide a FREE AUDIT for any business in Kent / Thanet.

We provide free advice, whether you are with us or not

If you have a chance, check out our blog. We provide information on growing your business in the local area, we provide free business directory listings and even have an email list for local businesses in Kent & Thanet!

Want to get involved? Check out our sign up form here to submit your business to our newsletter feature and we’ll be in touch ASAP, this is perfect for your local marketing and information in Kent & Thanet.

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